About Us

PostMailExpress(PME) is a registered courier services provider in Nigeria which began operations in 2019. We are the consistent “one-call response” brand, uniquely designed to offer dynamic approach to service delivery, contact-centre engagement, and pocket-friendly pricing, modelled on responsiveness, integrity and transparency.

We are a high-performance and customer-centric courier service provider born out of ingenuity, with the purpose of redefining service delivery and management, fostering technological driven solutions and ensuring value addition. Thus, given our ambition and passion, we have created a niche for ourselves by adopting hi-technology to facilitate prompt, dynamic, efficient, and reliable delivery of mails and packages.

Being a customer-centric service provider with the objective function of being a robust service entity, and the desire to consistently provide top-notched and wholesome services driven by technology and our inbuilt, firm-specific mechanism, we have effectively and efficiently provided a platform - Van and Car hire service - that enables Express Movement of large parcels, documents and wares intra and inter-city, and COMMUTE within Lagos, respectively, for specific purposes and engagements. Hence, we avail our esteemed and prospective customers, the avenue to enjoy these services at unrivaled customer-centric prices.

Why Choose Us

We are your “one-stop” service brand and partner in progress. Prompt, Flexibile, Express and Responsive delivery is our pledge while our anthem is provision of ingenious solutions for human existence.

We offer unrivaled customer service, gives update on your mails and packages, and also provide VAN or CAR Hiring, for specific purposes, at a fair price.

Seemingly, our comparative edge is built on well-tailored and effectual service delivery, user-friendly technology, affordable pricing, customer satisfaction, and meeting YOUR needs